Simon Sinek on Leadership: A Reflection

Simon Sinek Speaker on LeadershipSimon Sinek is a motivational speaker and author who focuses on teaching great leadership skills to individuals and organizations. He strives to shift mindset towards optimism. His goal is to inspire people to reflect upon their thinking and communication as leaders. His first Ted Talk from 2009 on the concept of Why gained over 37 million views. Simon is also the author of various best-selling books such as Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last.


Simon Sinek sits down with Marie Floreo of Marie TV. The video is titled How to Be A Great Leader: Inspiring Others To Do Remarkable Things. Watch their discussion below. 



My Reflection of Simon Sinek’s Discussion on Leadership:

Great leadership begins with passion. One takeaway from the video that resonates with me is the question, are you happy? It is a simple question, but it serves as a reminder of my passions and why I do what I do. I get so caught up in the daily grind, moving forward it is easy to forget my why and reflect upon my own fulfillment. Sinek asks, when you go home, do you feel fulfilled? It is a deep question that reminds me to remain grateful and that the option for change is always available if needed. Simon mentions that our environment is variable, we have control of it. Sometimes I get the feeling of being stuck in a job or in a relationship of any sort, but nothing is permanent. I have the control to change my own environment and my future.

Moreover, another one of Simon’s main points is that great leadership does not mean more authority. Great leadership is about taking care of the people around you and taking responsibility for your team. Recently, I have taken on a new position and managing a team of people for the first time. I see how people rely on me and that I must make sure they feel valued and heard when they express their concerns to me. I also rely on them, so I must take care of them. Simon describes a different way of thinking about professional relationships. He mentions that “we are literally designed to take care of others”.  He explains the biology behind oxytocin and how it releases feelings of love, empathy and trust, which I find to be very thought-provoking.

Lastly, Simon mentions that effective leadership takes practice. It does not happen overnight, but we can continuously strive to grow and learn how to become great leaders. All in all, the video inspires me to always remain open-minded towards my team and offer my full respect to them individually because everybody is their own leader.


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