Simon Sinek Reflection


Simon Sinek talks about how to be a great leader and what it takes to be a great leader. Simon talks about how humans are social animals and how people naturally react to what type of environment they are in, and that when humans are in a comfortable environment the natural human response is trust and cooperation. Simon also talks about how the leader is the one who is suppose to maintain or create an environment where people feel comfortable.

I totally agree with this aspect, I think that when people feel comfortable and they see that their leader really cares about them and is willing not only to bark out orders, but also to actually do the work and jump in when they are needed. Simon Sinek also explains when someone is in fear of their leader they tend to take time out of work to have back up plans to protect themselves. Which causes them to work less and then hurts the leader in the long run.

I agree with everything Simon says in this video mostly because this is what I have been taught while playing football. Football is a huge team sport that you absolutely need good leaders in order to have a good team. Here at SOU we have incorporated positive leadership in our program and it has worked out remarkably. We have a family type of team chemistry and it has made a big difference in how we recruit, practice, and train. It has really improved a lot of those areas of our program. So I’m a big believer in positive leadership and I really enjoyed this video and thought it was cool that companies and other businesses are training their managers to have these types of skills and are incorporating it in their everyday jobs.