Simon Sinek Reflection

Sinek Interveiw

Simon Sinek is one of the front-runners when it comes to leadership. He studies leadership roles and uses the information he gathers to help others. Sinek genuinely seems like he wants to make this world a better place.

ISimon Sinek in a chairn the video we watched in class Simon starts by telling us why he left the business he owned. He made a very interesting point about what he thought about his life. Simon stated that from a superficial standpoint his life was going very well. He made a good living and owned his own business, but he wasn’t happy. We hear this all the time, the old saying “money can’t buy happiness.” Sinek wasn’t feeling fulfilled with what he was doing, and he had the courage to make a change and go after his passion. This is something we all wish we could do and a reason why Sinek is such an influential person.

Afghanistan Trip

Next, he went on to talk about his trip to Afghanistan to speak to soldiers. He made a few points about how this trip was overwhelming and stressful. Sinek tells us about how he got to a place where I think we have all been after having a stressful day or six. He told us how he became selfish and rude trying to get home. He was treating everyone as if they were there to help him get home. But a great point that I caught is that he recognized that the way he was acting wasn’t good and decided to make a change and give himself purpose while he was stuck there. I don’t think a lot of people could see this in themselves and change their attitude like he did after being so overwhelmed. This makes me think that maybe if someone seems rude or selfish that they possibly deserve the benefit of the doubt and could use my help instead of me just writing them off.

He talked about a lot of great things but these were the points that stood out to me the most. Sinek seems like a person that is genuine and great at what he does. I hope to learn more about his work.