Reflection: Simon Sinek’s Advice for Success

Simon Sinek Boat Image

Simon Sinek is a great visionary thinker, motivational speaker and the author of the two bestselling books “Start with why” and “Leaders eat last”. In Simon Sinek’s interview with Marie Forleo he talks about his experiences. Consequently, he developed an understanding of how to become a great leader and how to inspire others to do remarkable things.

Fundamental perspective

The first rule for success that Simon Sinek mentioned was that you should always know why you are doing what you do. Why do you work in that job and why does it excite you and make you happy and fulfilled? As soon as we figure out what that is we can become great leaders.

The right environment

Furthermore, Sinek is convinced that humans will do remarkable things when the environment is right. This means that they need to feel safe wherever they are. A good leadership, one that is built on trust and cooperation, creates the circle of safety. The natural response of being in a good environment is to feel safe. This allows people to build strong relationships, be more productive and interact and communicate better with each other.

Taking care of others

Work balance is about the circle of safety that the leader has created. Leading itself is not about being in charge, but about taking care of the people who work for you. Taking care of other people, as well as others taking care of you and watching someone taking care or doing something nice to others releases oxytocin. This makes us feel good and be even more generous.

Simon Sinek’s advice for inspiration and leadership

An important take away from Simon Sinek’s talk about leadership and inspiration of others is that we are all designed to be leaders. Moreover, we are constantly learning how to be a great leader. A good start to inspire and lead others is to put the lives of others ahead of one’s own interests. Caring about the wellbeing of others and being responsible for them helps them to be at their natural best. To sum up, we should all do little things to make the lives of the people around us better.