Being the 5% Who Embrace New Marketing Strategies

Gary’s Marketing Strategy

Gary Vaynerchuk is a modern business genius. First, he discovers the next big thing before others do. Second, he knows when and how to take advantage of those things’ business and marketing possibilities. Third, Gary sees and accepts these opportunities, aka changes, because he has the humility to take the risks associated with trying new things.

To Gary, it is impossible and audacious for entrepreneurs to avoid change and believe they can still succeed. It does not matter if someone likes advancements and changes because they will happen anyways. Technology does not care about people’s feelings. Therefore, stubbornness and getting stuck in the good old days leads to irrelevancy and failure to meet customer demands. It is ignorant to believe otherwise. To remain flexible, Gary looks at the changes with a positive mindset. Instead of considering new technology as disruptive and difficult, Gary utilizes it as a growth and learning opportunity. All entrepreneurs should think and do the same.

The Next Big Thing

Traditional media is failing. Not only is print and TV expensive, they are also ineffective because consumers ignore them. The return on investment (ROI) has dramatically crumbled. On the other hand, for the next year to two years (2018-2019), Facebook and Instagram are that next big thing. These are the top marketing platforms because they are under-priced with booming user activity. Unfortunately, Twitter is not accomplishing the necessary user growth and content relevancy to make the ROI cut.

Also, in three to five years, audio will take over video and imagery marketing. Gary predicts this because voice activated and controlled technology advancements are in full swing. Very soon, it will part of almost everyone’s daily life. But as a word of warning, focus on the present more than the future opportunities. If businesses miss out on the Facebook and Instagram marketing today, they will likely fail to reach enough consumers to still be functioning in the future.

Want to Learn More?

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