7 EASY Search Engine Optimization Steps

Southern-Oregon-University-436536-Search-Engine-OptimizationIn todays world technology is always advancing, and so are the ways you can use it to build your business. Using search engine optimization is a great way to increase your visibility and fairly easy to do. Although it may seem intimidating for a first time user, these easy 7 steps will show you just how easy SEO can be.



The most important thing when building a website is to have content that is both visually pleasing and effective. The first thing people see is the content, and it can keep them their if it is attention grabbing. If the page doesn’t hold people for a certain amount of time Google will put it lower on their organic list.

Focus Word

When optimizing your search engine, having strong focus words will help gain visibility. They should vary between pages and reflect the individual content. Having a mix of broad and specific terms can also be helpful to gain attention.

Alt Tags

All pictures should use an alt tag, which is a brief description of what the image is showing. Doing this creates another search tool that drives the consumer to you and links an image to a word or phrase.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are another way to start appearing higher on search engines. The tag gives a brief description of the page allowing users to find it through simple searches. Although it wont appear on the page itself, it will be coded into the page.

Internal Links

Having internal links on the page helps users navigate between the different pages of the site. It also allows people to easily navigate and stay engaged within the site. A large website will have numerous internal links that are all linked together to feature different pages

External Links

Linking to things outside of your website can be good if done right. Linking your page to different social media sites is a great way to use external links. It should be noted though that linking to external pages could cause less attention to your own site and draw people away from your content.

Photo Size

When adding photos to your page make sure to be aware of the size of the image. Large images can create long load times, especially for those using a mobile phone. The optimal size is around 100 kb.


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