Great Email Writing – From subject line to sign-off

Finger pointing at EmailWriting a great email is not that difficult if you know how to do it correctly. Throughout the email, you should use content that does not make the reader regret opening the email. You should use simple terms and explain your position clearly and in a logical way. The proper language and tone are important to get someone to do what you want them to. Writing a good email takes time, so let’s start at the beginning.

The Subject Line:

To start with, you will need a great subject line that gets the attention of the recipient. Use a little curiosity to stand out in the inbox. Avoid any spammy words, such as “free”.

The Intro:

The next step is to use the recipient’s first name in the salutation. It helps to reestablish the connection and builds trust. This is a great foundation for the attempt to persuade or influence the reader. In the intro, you will also give a preface of why you are writing this email.

The Email Body:

Here, you will give all the information that is necessary for the recipient to understand your call for action. Include reasoning and explanations that support your attempt to persuade.

The Conclusion:

The purpose of the conclusion is to wrap things up. You can use action steps or propose a date and time for a meeting.

The Sign-off:

Use “Regards” at the end along with your first name to keep the email personal and respectful. However, in the initial email, you should close with a greeting and your full name.

Emails do not have to be long. Just keep it simple and straight forward. Proof read, check your spelling and grammar, as well as the recipient’s email address before hitting send. Save business emails for business hours, meaning 11am-12pm or 3-5pm.