How to Write the Best Email Ever!

Email etiquette is becoming more and more important in the workplace today. Here are a few tips to make sure you aren’t making mistakes that can’t be taken back! So sit down and take note on how to write the best email ever!

Take your time.

When writing an email, it can be easy to crank out a few words and hit send. This is the first mistake you can make while crafting an email of any sort. Using poor language, misleading word choices, and/or slang is dangerous because the recipient has this in writing forever -no “take-backs”. Also, be sure to double-check who you are sending the email to and if the address is spelled correctly.


Purpose & Clarity

With so much on our plates throughout the day, typing out the first response that comes to mind seems quick and efficient, but in the long-run, it’s not. Take an extra minute to ensure that your email clearly answers any questions that you are replying to. This eliminates extra emails needed to find clarity in your response and will also decrease the chances of misunderstandings. No one wants to show up to work the next day with a co-worker mad at you or offended. Take the time now to avoid future conflicts!


Content, Content, Context!

Content is the single most important variable in our social media posts, websites, and videos today – emails included! Emails are like mini-stories and should have a beginning, middle, and end that makes it flow. Always begin your email with a greeting that uses the recipient’s name. In doing this, you are confirming that the email is meant for that person, and, that you know their name! Additionally, avoid cramming sentences into one long paragraph. Emails are easier to read and more organized in paragraphs of about 3-4 sentences – giving space for each new point. Lastly, give your email a strong closing. Unlike essays, there is no need to reiterate what you have already said, but leave the recipient with a question or piece of information that will guide them to take action – whether that be replying, setting up a meeting, a phone call, etc. The last step is to finalize the email with a ending greeting and your name, then, proofread!

Take your time, and make sure that your content is short, sweet, and grammatically correct (you never know who could end up seeing it)!