Sierra’s Top 10 Takeaways

Takeaways Video Summary

Inspired by AB testing, this poetic video follows AB stanza form and highlights the top takeaways from the sou436536 class. Every topic focuses on what a marketer requires to succeed.

First, here is a quick summary…. Marketers need to adapt, listen to consumers, and practice positivity and empathy. Next, they must learn and utilize immersive and mobile technology, especially video, VR, AR, and voice activation. Therefore, even though becoming an expert is impossible, marketers need to take the time to learn about new technology and tactics. AdWords and Facebook certification is a perfect example of marketing lessons in high demand. Finally, no matter what, all internet marketers need to understand SEO and SEM, how to write effective content, and how to obtain, evaluate, and use data insights.

10 Internet Marketing Takeaways in 11 Rhymes

During these 10 Weeks, what have I learned? Was money was well spent and invest returned?

From speakers to videos and a team project, I gained strategic internet marketing intellect.

So lets countdown from one to ten, discussing the takeaways for the marketing businessmen.

  1. Adapting

    • Marketing means you must adapt,
    • Unfortunately, the good old ways have many trapped.
    • Just humble yourself and accept the new,
    • Being innovative and a first mover is how Wish and Amazon grew!
    • Consumer and Client needs are constantly turning,
    • That means you are never an expert and are constantly learning.
    • It is scary to change, but do not fret,
    • Because when you adapt you become a competitive threat!
  2. Consumers

    • Brands need people more than people need brands,
    • Meaning the future of marketing is in the consumer’s hands.
    • The age of the consumer will continue for 20 years,
    • So it is time for traditional marketers to change their gears.
    • Earnestly listen to what the people demand,
    • Then the power of persuasion will be in your command.
    • Be honest, transparent, and provide great UX,
    • A company that cares is one a consumer respects.
  3. Mindset

    • All these trends could cause great upset,
    • Unless you practice the power of a positive mindset.
    • You can make excuses for your stagnation,
    • Or you can think of them as opportunities instead of damnation.
    • Positivity opens the mind and decreases stress,
    • Inspiring consumers and employees, leading to success.
    • So think about what is possible and instead of what is not,
    • And changing your ways will not be as difficult as you thought.
  4. Empathy

    • Empathy is key to the golden rule,
    • It is also an essential marketing tool.
    • You need to get into the consumer’s mind,
    • Until your marketing and their motives are intertwined.
    • Empathy also creates a strong workforce,
    • Ending conflict and making everyone feel remorse.
    • Through understanding, people are emotionally stronger,
    • And collaboration runs smoothly longer.
  5. Immersion

    • Immersion attracts consumer’s goldfish sized attention,
    • While also taking them into a more intriguing, branded dimension.
    • Consumers want to be entertained and to feel strong emotion,
    • Therefore, Gifs, cinemographs, and videos currently rule promotion.
    • Just around the corner, more tactics will arise,
    • When VR, AR, and Voice Control take over it will not be a surprise.
    • Social media and responding to reviews also fulfills this need,
    • By making the consumer feel important, you will succeed.
  6. Mobile

    • Mobile is growing and will not stop,
    • It even has more internet usage than the desktop!
    • Social Media, text, and messaging marketing is just the start,
    • You’ll also have responsive web pages and ads if you are smart.
    • Make sure everything loads quickly and has great content,
    • Or your ranking will fall and clicks will become less frequent.
    • Brick-n-motors should use location targeting,
    • Encouraging impulsiveness through mobile marketing.
  7. Certification

    • To perfect the art of digital ad formation,
    • Modern advertising requires certification.
    • Google AdWords is a perfect start,
    • From 2 to 6 lessons your certified Google smart.
    • It shows you have initiative and did your research,
    • By learning about mobile, shopping, video, display, and search.
    • But for the highest salary and for getting instantly hired,
    • Facebook Blueprint certification is what employers have truly desired.
  8. SEO and SEM

    • Quality SEO and SEM increase your ranking online,
    • Boosting impressions, clicks, and conversions are in their design.
    • Search engine marketing includes ads that are paid for,
    • As your quality and keywords enter an AdWords bid war.
    • But search engine optimization requires more work,
    • Within headings, alt text, and content your keywords lurk.
    • WordPress makes this easy with SEO Yoast,
    • Ensuring keyword optimization and readability in every post.
  9. Content

    • For SEO and SEM, content is king,
    • In search ranking, it is more important than anything.
    • Consumers will judge content based on its relevance,
    • Determining whether they will bounce or advance.
    • Strategically place keywords in your website’s copy,
    • Because embedding tons in alt text is now considered sloppy.
    • The time and money spent on good writing is not frugal,
    • You will agree when you see your website on the first page of Google.
  10. Insights

    • The greatest perk of online marketing are insights,
    • Taking success and ROI measures to new heights.
    • Everything digital is getting tracked,
    • Then marketers use that data for greater impact!
    • Consumer demographic, location, and device targeting is detailed and clever,
    • And seeing their responses, likes, and dislikes is now easier than ever.
    • But consumer privacy and trust should not be violated,
    • Otherwise businesses like Facebook risk being annihilated.