Brice Hulstrom’s Top Ten Takeaways from E-commerce BA 436

Top Ten Takeaways

The end of the term is upon us.  We have covered a lot of material in the past weeks.  I had trouble putting together the list because all the information fits together so well.  Each piece is another part of the puzzle completed.  I still have more pieces to find.  The list below are my pieces to the puzzle.

  1. E-commerce & mobile marketing is easy.  I thought the e-commerce would be hard to understand and use.
  2. There are more mobile users than desktop users.
  3. Social media marketing is where business is happening now.  As entrepreneurs we have to plan for the next wave.
  4. Instagram & Facebook are the social media platform to be on now.  The are the cheapest for the best coverage.
  5. E-mail marketing is the best bang per dollar but you must have consumers opt-in.
  6. Google’s Adwords is easy to use and understand.
  7. Google My Business location is extremely important when driving consumers to your products.
  8. Search Engine Optimization is not so alien and is kind of basic common sense.
  9. The marketing funnel is a great tool when designing your marketing campaign.
  10. Lastly, a common sense approach to all of this results in a consumer interaction which is easy, convenient, and pretty for the customer.