Burt, Sierra

Looking to the Future by Making the Most of Today

Who Am I?

A fine artist turned graphic designer, soon to be creative director…. I am a forward-thinking objectivist, constantly developing and manifesting myself into an innovative expert in the advertising industry. This means I enthusiastically seek growth and learning opportunities. Also, like my spirit animal, the octopus, I make a point of being diverse in my abilities. Being able to self-motivate, meet deadlines, produce quality work, stay organized, and practice good customer service is core to my success. 

Education and Experience 

With an eye for aesthetics and academics, I excelled through high school and college. In high school I was Valedictorian, art student of the year, and yearbook copy/design/critique students of the year. These accomplishments helped me excel in college, getting me into the Southern Oregon University Honors College. Also, with my Emerging Media and Digital Arts major, Business Marketing major,  and cumulative 3.96 GPA, I already have real work experience in graphic design, marketing, social media, and communications. I even landed a packaging design internship at Harry & David.

Future Possibilities 

By focusing on a career field that combines my artistic passions with my rational mind, not only will I find happiness in my future endeavors but I will also be financially stable. Additionally, by being a natural leader, with an outgoing, charismatic, and colorful personality, I will quickly break the glass ceiling. Unlike many people, I see endless possibilities in the job market, not limitations. By easily transitioning into and standing out in new environments, my career goals are always within reach. It is essential to have this positive mindset to avoid holding myself back.

Personal Passion

Beyond career-based facts, I am a resolute environmentalist. No social issue stirs a fire in my soul as much as counteracting climate change. By consistently practicing recycling and by minimizing waste, I try to make a difference in the world. Also, I try to inspire these feelings in my peers. Unfortunately, changing the minds of others can be very difficult. This is another reason advertising calls to me – I want to influence others. Therefore, my dream job is becoming the Creative Director of the World WildLife foundation or a similar environmental group, like the Sierra Club. In pursuing this goal, I already made an environmental PSA campaign and hosted a climate crisis gallery show acting as an interactive PSA advertisement. 

Weekly Lessons