Becoming a Leader with Simon Sinek


How someone envisions a leader will greatly change throughout life. As a child you see a role model as a leader, someone with wiser and older, holding power and who will tell you what to do. As you grow older this vision changes, often you will be a leader in one aspect of life, and a follower in another. But what does it truly mean to lead and how can you become respected? In an interview with Simon Sinek, he explains how to inspire greatness in yourself and those around you.




One of Sinek’s main points is discussing the importance of the environment. He states “When we get the environment right, humans will do remarkable things”. The leader is responsible for building this environment that others will have the opportunity to strive in and make positive changes. Having support and feeling safe will stop people from acting out of fear and making decisions to save themselves instead of bettering others.


The circle of safety becomes crucial when building an environment that has happy and productive people. To create this safe space, a safety equilibrium of work and life must happen. Leaders should work to create this safety, in return they will see people working for a greater cause, not just keeping a job.

Being a Leader

Moving forward in life, the best take away I gained was the idea that authority doesn’t correlate to leadership. Leaders can occur at the lowest levels of the work place, which is where I will be entering after graduating. Being a leader is having other’s back, being someone to follow and that others want to keep safe because you do the same for them daily. Having authority allows you to reach more people but without taking care of your people you are not a leader.