Reflection: Simon Sinek’s Thoughts On Leadership

Picture of hands leadership-Simon SinekI recently watched a video called “How to Be A Great Leader: Inspiring Others To Do Remarkable Things”. In the video Marie Forleo interviewed Simon Sinek who published two books on leadership.

The importance of a good environment

The first thing I learned from the interview is that leaders have to create a circle of safety. They are responsible for creating a good and safe environment for the people around them. There is already enough outside pressure, such as economic downturns, which cannot be controlled. However, leaders can control the environment and create a good environment. According to Sinek, people will accomplish great things when they are in a good environment. So whenever people do not feel safe at work, it is a leadership problem which Sinek calls work/life imbalance. If the leader creates this safe environment, the employees will corporate and work hard to achieve the leader’s goals.

A CEO’s top priority

Another thing I learned is that is that a CEO’s top priority should be the workers and not the customers. Many CEOs believe that they should focus on the customers to provide great customer service. However, CEOs should rather focus on the employees. When a CEO is a great leader and creates a good environment for the employees, the employees will feel comfortable at work. Consequently, the workers will provide good service to the customers.

Simon Sinek: Being a good leader needs practice

Lastly, I learned that people can practice leadership. Not many people are born leaders and, of course, there are people who will never be a good leader. However, people can also practice being a great leader. To become a good leader, people have to practice daily and it will take a lot of time.

This is also my takeaway from the interview. Leadership is very important and we all can practice leadership in our daily lives. I should do all those little things in life to make the lives of other people better and to become a good leader. And whenever I work with other people, it is important to create the safe environment Simon Sinek talked about in the interview.