Five Tips On How To Write A Great Email

Write a great emailMost people think that writing an email is super easy and it just takes a few minutes to create a great email. However, people often make mistakes when it comes to writing an email. Here are five tips on how to write your best email ever.

1. Include an outstanding subject line

The subject line of your email is probably of greater importance than you might think. The goal is to make a good first impression. You want people to open your email which is the reason why the subject line should be specific and clear. You should include something that catches their eyes and makes them curious. For example, build a subject line that is similar to the headline of a newspaper article. Moreover, make the subject line personal. Write the subject line like you are sending an email to one of your friends. Furthermore, you don’t want your email to land in the spam box. Therefore, do not include anything spammy. Avoid words such as “free” or “buy now”. Lastly, keep the subject line short. Some people might open your email on their mobile devices which is the reason why you should avoid a long subject line. The perfect subject line has up to 40 characters or 5-8 words, so nothing will be cut off.

2. Your email should have a beginning, body and end

At the beginning of your email, use the recipient’s name first name. This helps to build trust and establish a relationship. Moreover, make sure that you address the right person. Nothing is more embarrassing than sending an email to the wrong person. In the body of your email clearly say what you want. Avoid beating around the bush. At the end of your email, use a personal sign-off to keep your email personal. This also helps to maintain the relationship that you established at the beginning of your email. Moreover, keep the end short. Do not include any extensive signatures because no one reads them anyway.

3. Use the right tone

Another tip on how to write a great email is to use the right tone in your email. Remember, you want to impress the person you are writing to, so don’t be rude. State a clear position without being impolite or disrespectful. When you write your email think of the following question: Would I have sent the email, if it was published?

4. Spelling and grammar is the key for a great email

Right spelling and correct grammar are very important when you write an email. Avoid errors in your email. The addressed person will not read your email if you make stupid spelling mistakes. So don’t forget to check capitalization, punctuation, spelling, grammar, and syntax when you proofread your email.

5. Take your time

No one can write the perfect email within two minutes. Take your time when you write an email. Whether it takes you 15 minutes or half an hour, your email will be better if you slow down to formulate your thoughts. For example, you can write a draft, do something else for a few minutes and then continue writing your email. Edit your email and check it for any mistakes. Re-read it several times before you hit “send”.