Ramirez, Anesia

Hi guys, my name is Anesia Ramirez. Currently I am working on my degree in Business Management with a minor in Communications, and a certificate in Human Resource.

Anesia Ramirez Bio Picture

I am 20 years old and was born and raised in Lakewood, Washington. My family consists of wrestlers; this includes my parents, two older brothers, and two younger sisters. I am currently apart of the Women’s Wrestling Team here at SOU along with my brother and sister, Andrew and Sienna. A phrase that literally describes me is live, eat, and breathe wrestling. When I am not in class or doing school work, you will most likely find me on the mat.

Some hobbies of mine are hiking, music, food, and art. I’d consider myself to be a very outgoing person that loves meeting new people from different cultures. Growing up in Washington, diversity was very common so I got the opportunity to be exposed to many different cultures. My intentions after college are to travel all over Asia and Europe, then later settle somewhere in California.

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