Heather McCormac

SOU-Heather-McCormacHi I’m Heather! My family moved to Idaho from California when I was three. I spent my childhood growing up in Boise, Idaho, known for an abundance of potatoes and a growing population of outdoor lovers and microbrewery enthusiasts. Throughout my childhood I enjoyed shopping and plane rides for soccer tournaments. This allowed me to explore various states. After multiple visits, I fell in love with the beautiful green forests and the temperamental coast of the Pacific Northwest. When it was time for me to choose a college, Oregon was an easy choice. I found myself interested in smaller schools offering four seasons and never-ending outdoors opportunities. Southern Oregon University was the perfect place for me. I am currently in my junior year at SOU working towards a major in Business Administration focusing on marketing and a certificate in interactive marketing and e-commerce.

This fall I was fortunate enough to spend three months studying in Winchester, England. During my semester abroad I studied fashion and media marketing. These courses validated what I wanted to do in my future. Many of my weekends were spent traveling to places I had been dreaming of for years. Paris, Prague, Dresden, and Edinburgh were some of the places I ventured around with wonderful new friends. I also spent multiple weekends in London visiting my brother and indulging in delightful food inspired from surrounding countries. I look forward to finishing up my degree at SOU to hopefully continue my education in a fashion merchandising or graduate program in California, New York, or Europe.

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