Sawatzky, Jacqueline

Jacqueline with San Francisco's skyline in the background

Hi, my name is Jacqueline Sawatzky, but you are welcome to call me Jacky. I recently turned 23 years old and I am in my senior year at SOU. Originally, I am from Germany and I study International Tourism Studies in a dual degree program at Hochschule Harz. This allows me to study abroad and receive both, my German Bachelor’s degree and a graduate certificate from SOU. I have decided to major in hospitality and tourism mainly because I love traveling. In fact, I have already been to 19 countries in the world (hopefully many more to come). Moreover, I was looking forward to having lectures in English and being able to study abroad.

In almost two and a half years out of the last five years, I have lived abroad. This time included an AuPair year in England, an internship in a resort in Mexico and my year in Ashland. I speak German and English fluently, I learned French for seven years and I am improving my Spanish and Russian. My hobbies include getting to know other cultures and new people, learning new languages and cooking. I am obsessed with TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy or How to get away murder. In total I have watched 35 TV series. In my time off, I also like to read Harry Potter. I meet up with my friends, have a glass of wine with them and go outside with the dog.

Weekly Lessons